Evangelical Mennonite
Brethren Church


84 Oak Avenue

Box: 236

Grunthal, Manitoba


Phone: 204-434-6295

Email: grunthalemboffice@gmail.com


Pastor Jared Weekday Office Hours:

Monday - Off

Tuesday - 9AM-12PM, 1PM-5PM.

Wednesday - 1PM - 5PM

Thursday - 9AM - 12PM

Friday - 1PM - 4:30PM

(w) 204-434-6295

(c) 204-392-6390

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All are Welcome


Wanting to know more about who Jesus Christ is and what He did while He was on earth, and what He is doing right now?  Seeking out answers on where you are going after your journey on earth is done?


No one is guaranteed another breath, your life is your chance to hear about Truth.  Do not miss out.  Come learn about Jesus, believe in Him, and be saved.


Come to Grunthal EMB and be absolutely amazed how God has a plan for you, and each and every person.