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We are glad to be associated with so many different ministries, including Fisher Bay Bible Camp, Roseau River Bible Camp, the Grunthal Ministerial, any ministries linked to the FEBC, and our missionaries.

Our Leadership & Elders

Pastor Jared Fast

Pastor James Fast

Walter Abrams

James Froese

Ryan Froese

Albert Klassen

Sunday School

Children up to grade 12 are currently working their way through the gospel project.

Learn more about the project here.

Adult Sunday School is overseen by our Fellowship Pastor Jim Fast.

Our Missionaries we support


World Team/SIM - Henry & Jan Armstrong

CEF - Ron & Eunice Wiebe

Ethnos360/NTM Asia Pacific - Josh & Josie Dyck

Roseau River Bible Camp - Evan & Lorilee Wiebe

Send International-Barry & Ruth Rempel


Teen Challenge



Wes & Barb Peters

NTM - Frank & Margaret Martens

Our Conference

Missions Spotlight


Ron & Eunice Wiebe

Child Evangelism Fellowship


Members of Grunthal EMB (we are their sending Church)

Ron and I moved back to Manitoba the last part of May and spent some time trying to get all our documents changed over.  Then we went to Saskatchewan and spent most of June with our son Jonathan and his wife Lyn and their two daughters, Gatlin and Aemelia.  What fun!  Ron helped Jonathan build a fence and do some work in their basement.  One of those weeks, we drove to Alberta and visited as many friends and supporters as we could.  We also dropped in at Peter’s Drive in, a Hamburger place in Calgary, to see if they were as good as during our Bible college days.  The milkshakes are still too thick to drink right away….
Arriving back home at the end of June, we prepared to head off to Ontario to do something completely out of the normal for us.  We are doing the cooking and purchasing for CEF of Ontario’s camp for 3 weeks in July and 3 weeks in August.  It was definitely a learning curve for both of us.
Most of our days are spent in the kitchen.  I’m basically in charge of cooking, seasoning and total amount made.  Ron is becoming a master of many skills!  Not only does he keep the utensils clean, he’s doing all the grill work—burgers, stir-fries, pancakes/French toast, etc.  Plus he does all the heavy lifting.  It takes a lot of organization to get the meals done and out for consumption on time.  Part of my work is also trying to figure out the proper amount to make so we don’t have too much left over, or worse yet, not enough!  By the end of the day, we’re feeling our age!  But the Lord is giving us good nights sleep and His strength for us is new every morning, Praise His name!
We appreciate your prayers for safety as we travel back and forth from Manitoba to Ontario. Also for good health.  We don’t want to be the reason someone gets sick.  Maybe some comments to God about my paying better attention might be in order as well.  Ron was frying some ground meat for enchiladas and I was seasoning it.  I remarked that the pepper was very clumpy.  I looked down and discovered I was covering the meat liberally with nutmeg instead…  Fortunately, a hot water rinse took care of that!  
Thanks for your prayers and gifts towards our support.  By September we trust we will be able to share more of what we actually plan to do this fall.  For now, we “eat and sleep” food!  
However, one day, all of our wanderings will be over.  Hebrews 11 has a list of saints who: “admit that they were foreigners and strangers on earth. …this shows that they are looking for a country of their own.  If they had been thinking of the country they had left, they would have had opportunity to return.  Instead, they were longing for a better country—a heavenly one. Therefore, God is not ashamed to be called their God, for He has prepared a city for them.” 11:13-16   We will finally be home! Oh! blessed thought!


For our US donors:  Due to having reached “retirement” age, US tax laws do not allow us to receive taxable donations through CEF.  Those in the USA who want to support us may do so through the CEF Missionary Trust.   These gifts are personal gifts, and we will receive these monies through CEF International, Box 348, Warrenton, MO  63383-0348. 
For those continuing to support us, you may use one of the methods below.
•  Etransfer to you will need to leave your name  
    and contact info along with our Project number WIEB 01
•  Mail cheque to 335 Robinson Rd Brantford, ON N3R 0B8, plus Project 
    number WIEB  01
•  By credit card on the website under give or you can call 
    the office to make a CC donation at    1-877-788-8233, plus Project  
    number WIEB 01.
•  There is also a form if you prefer a regular monthly withdrawal from 
    your account or credit card on the 1st or 15th of the month.  Please     
    contact the office at 1-877-788-8233 for more info.    

Ron & Eunice Wiebe
Box 765
Grunthal, MB     R0A 0R0

Ron’s cell  506-378-4775



Josh & Josie Dyck

Ethnos360 & NTM Asia Pacific

After twelve years in Asia Pacific, Josh & Josie have continued their ministry remotely from Wisconsin since 2018. They provide oversight to the Finance, Personnel and Aviation Teams as well as IT support for the systems they use. This provides critical infrastructure for frontline church planters and translators as they serve among isolated people groups across Asia Pacific. Josh also collaborates with a broader IT Team to offer similar resources and technical support to other Ethnos affiliates around the world.

• Pray for Josh for clear communication to manage projects and to train & support colleagues from thirteen time zones away.

• Pray for discernment for Josie as she provides Christian counseling and resources for various groups--Ethnos360 members, local church care team and others the Lord has brought her way.

• Pray for continued wisdom to coach and disciple our children – Spencer & Mitchell in college and Julia & Katrina in high school.


Here is the link to Ethnos Canada for CAD donations:

B&R Rempel June 2022 Philippines.JPG

Barry & Ruth Rempel

Send International

Global Ministry

Barry and Ruth Rempel serve on the international leadership team of SEND International, a mission agency with ministry in 20 countries.  As Director of Global Collaboration, Barry works together with ministry partners from around the world to train and send new missionaries who will plant churches among unreached people groups.


Since 1987, Barry and Ruth have served in church planting, training, and leadership in Spain, Alaska and Mexico. Now based in South Carolina, ministry efforts take them around the world as their hearts beat for God to transform lives and see churches established.  


Whether grilling, riding a motorcycle or traveling, they love spending time with people. Their two daughters (Katya and Savanna) were born in Spain and are now married adults, blessing us with one grandchild each.


“… and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.” Rev. 7:9


Newsletter: Let us know you’d like ministry updates:




Doug & Janelle Reimer

Avant Ministries


Doug, Janelle and their three children Ezra (15), Ashton (12), and Madelyn (9) serve with Avant Ministries living in Malaga, Spain. Doug and Janelle’s primary work is in supporting church planters in Member Care throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Member Care at Avant aims to address all aspects of the well-being of missionaries and their children. It includes spiritual, emotional, relational, physical, and economic matters. It seeks to empower missionaries and promote thriving and resilience while also addressing crises and celebrating accomplishments as they may arise.


The Reimers see Member Care as strategically important in keeping the Gospel being proclaimed to those who have not heard, and to see churches planted where there are none. Also, the Reimers are a part of church planting in the Malaga, Spain region. 


Before leaving for Spain, Doug was on staff at Cornerstone Bible Church (Steinbach, MB) for 17 years as an Associate Pastor, as well as a private practice Counselling Therapist in Steinbach.


Please pray for the Reimers as they seek to support Avant Ministries mission to ‘glorify God by helping others enjoy His presence through planting and developing new churches in the unreached areas of the world.’

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Evan & Lorilee Wiebe

Roseau River Bible Camp


We are Evan and Lorilee and we currently live on site at Roseau River Bible Camp. Evan is the Skills Coordinator/ Maintenance Assistant here at camp. Lorilee likes to be involved when she can, but mainly keeps herself busy as a mom and homemaker. Thank you to those who support us in this ministry! We are very blessed!


Evan & Lorilee Wiebe

Martens, Frank & Margaret.jpg

Frank & Margaret Martens

Ethnos360- Retired


We are Frank and Margaret Martens. We started missions training back in 1992. We sold our property on Barkfield road and packed up our house and 5 kids ages 4-18 and headed to Waukesha, Wisconsin. This is where Ethnos 360 had their BI. It was a two year Bible program with a missions emphasis. In 1994. we graduated and headed to Phase 2 of the missions training program in Durham, Ontario. This was a one year training in church planting and cross culture living and missions. 1995 we took a year off because we had a daughter getting married and another one graduating high school. During this time we were involved in a major car crash where God once again displayed His Great power and love toward us. In 1996, we packed up again and moved to Camdenton, Missouri. This is where we did the language and culture acquisition training as well as some field medical training. We completed this training after a few months due to us wanting to go as support personnel. In 1999, we finally left for Papua New Guinea. By this time we only had our youngest daughter with us. We loved working in PNG, but God strongly worked in our hearts to bring us back home again. So in 2000, we were back in Grunthal wondering why we had to come back. We got back in January of 2000 and in March God practically spoke to us and said we should go work in Waukesha at the Ethnos BI. We worked there in various capacities for 16 years. During this time we made 3 more trips to PNG for short term missions. We also went to Indonesia twice to visit our daughter and family who were missionaries there. We have 5 married children, 14 grandchildren and 2 added spouses plus one great-grandson. Franz and Kristie Martens, church planters in Germany, Josh and Josephine Dyck missionaries to Indonesia remotely from Wisconsin, Ryan and Rachel Cote in Alaska, Nate and Karalyn Lane in Wisconsin and Brian and Tamara Vetter in Wisconsin. We moved to Alaska in Sept of last year where our son-in-law built us a small retirement house on top of his shop. God has shown us over and over and continues to show us His Great love toward us and all mankind.

Ethnos360 still allows tax-deductible donations to their retired missionaries. Follow the link to donate online.

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