We are glad to be associated with so many different ministries, including Fisher Bay Bible Camp, Roseau River Bible Camp, the Grunthal Ministerial, any ministries linked to the FEBC, and our missionaries.



It is very important to pray for those that are in need on a daily basis, but it's just as important to thank God for all the blessings bestowed also on a daily basis. 


Always thank God each day for the freedom we have in Canada, and North America!  We have been truly blessed and have every reason to be thankful.

Our Leadership & Elders

Pastor Jared Fast

Sam Reimer

James Froese

Al Thiessen

Ryan Froese

Sunday School


Our church is currently involved with The Gospel Project, an outreach program that syncs children, young adults, adults and seniors into the same lesson each Sunday.  This way children can discuss with their parents what they have learned, all at the same time.

Learn more about the project here.

Other than that, Sunday School starts up every Sunday morning outside of the summer months at 9:45AM.  Enjoy a fresh pot of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, and the occasional pastries provided by our church's many good chefs!


Come at least five to ten minutes early so you are ready for class to begin.


There is a class for every single age group, speak to any member of the church to find out which class best suits you and your family.

Our Core Missionaries


Ron & Eunice Wiebe - Eastern Canada and Brazil

Henry & Jan Armstrong - Indonesia & Singapore

We also keep in our prayers as they are now retired:  

Wes & Barb Peters - Who spent many years in Germany in the service of bringing as many people to Jesus as possible.

Frank & Margaret Martens - Bringing the hope of Jesus to the people of Wisconsin through the work done in the community of Waukesha, and the school there.

The Grunthal Ministerial

Every third week in August, during the Hanover Agricultural Fair Days in Grunthal, the churches of Grunthal come together to put on a worship service that takes place outside at the Grunthal Fair Grounds.  

The churches of Grunthal organize a rotation for the service, praise & worship, offering, children's feature, and more.  Contact the leaders in your home church if you wish to participate in the future.

Support and Prayer for Israel


Established on May 14, 1948, the State of Israel became a nation in a single day.  No nation in the history of the world has ever been brought back from extinction, except Israel.  No culture in the history of the world has ever been scattered around the world, yet kept all of their traditions intact over the course of some 2000 years.


Since the end of World War II, and the holocaust, many Jewish people from all around the world have made that decision to move home to Israel.


The Revelation of Jesus Christ, the final book in the Holy Bible, make specific references about the future of Israel.  God's plan for His nation is that His people will one day find Jesus.


- Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
- Pray for the people of Israel to acknowledge their God.
- Pray for the government of Israel.
- Pray for the world to know God’s promise to Israel.

    (Ps. 105:5-11)
- Pray for the security of Israel.
- Pray for Israel’s enemies, that their eyes be opened, so as not to be cursed. (Zech. 12:1-4)

International Students


Thanks to some very hard working outreach by some of our members, Grunthal EMB has been host to many international students that have come to our church on a weekly basis for many years now.

The students are generally in Manitoba to study at Providence Bible College and find work here in the southeast.  We have been blessed to have them among our regular attendees for many years now.

Youth/College & Career


We have many young children, teens and young adults that are growing up so fast!  Weekly bulletins provide information on youth groups and college & career events, ages range from 12-35.

Women's Ministries


Our Church hosts a vibrant 18 plus Women's Ministries group which spends time in the Bible, reading about God's Word, planning special events, and hosting study sessions weekly.

Our Conference

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