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Sunday School

Children up to grade 12 are currently working their way through the gospel project.

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Adult Sunday School is overseen by our Fellowship Pastor Jim Fast.

Our Conference

Missions Spotlight


Ron & Eunice Wiebe

October, 2021

Child Evangelism Fellowship

New Brunswick

Members of Grunthal EMB (we are their sending Church)

Currently serving in Atlantic Canada.
Previously in Brazil.

Our province has shut down many opportunities for ministry but God still opens doors of opportunity. Last week our kids clubs were all canceled but we are praying that they will open up in two weeks time. Pray for two college teachers that are being encouraged to take training with us once restrictions are lifted. In the mean time, we were invited to go do training of Ontario staff in Nov. These are new staff that they want to get up to speed on CEF trainings. They are to become church Teacher trainers so we have our work set for us. Also, the week before that training Eunice mostly, will be involved in CEF national meetings for VBS planning and preparations for next summer. Pray for safety in travels, for clarity in teaching, for the learning of students, for the VBS team coming from across Canada, for wisdom and quickness of mind to put the structure for VBS 2022 together within the one week that the team will be available in person. After that the preparation goes to working via Zoom/emails/Box.
Ron and Eunice Wiebe



Don & Carol Pickel

ASSIST CANADA ​July/August, 2021

Don and Carol live in Winnipeg and serve with ASSIST to Cuba.

We are glad to be getting a bit of normality back into our lives after 16 months of being curtained by Covid. Carol & I are doing well health-wise and just itching to resume our full-time duties again when restrictions ease a bit more.

We, of course, have not been able to take teams to Cuba since March of 2020. That has gone fairly much the same for speaking in churches. Last Sunday I spoke in a church and plan to again in another week. So, that is encouraging to me that we are gradually getting some activities back.


1. For His gracious protection from Covid-19

2. That here in Canada we seem to be coming out of the pandemic due to the vaccinations increasing and the restrictions on our activities by the provincial governments.


1. Please pray that we can resume our ministry in assisting the Baptist churches in Cuba by taking teams this fall.  With the shortages of food in the country, we do not believe that taking a team of seven to ten people there for a week would be prudent now even if we could.

-*We are making arrangements to hopefully send a sea container of food to Cuba. Please pray that this will go successfully & land in it's designated destination.

2. Our son and family (Jeremy) are now home from Tanzania after serving there with Africa Inland Mission for eight years.  Please pray as they adjust to a new phase of ministry with AIM in Canada.  

3. Please pray for the complete training of Pastor Michel Avila by Pastor Samuel as Michel will be succeeding Samuel this fall.  

4. Please pray that we will be able to send more money to Cuba for construction purposes as currently cement and rebar are not available.    

5. Please pray for relief for the people of Cuba from Covid and the shortages they are currently experiencing.

6. Please pray for the safe arrival of medicines we are sending that they will arrive at their destinations.

May the Lord bless each one of you and thank you for your prayerful and financial interest.