We are glad to be associated with so many different ministries, including Fisher Bay Bible Camp, Roseau River Bible Camp, the Grunthal Ministerial, any ministries linked to the FEBC, and our missionaries.



It is very important to pray for those that are in need on a daily basis, but it's just as important to thank God for all the blessings bestowed also on a daily basis. 


Always thank God each day for the freedom we have in Canada, and North America!  We have been truly blessed and have every reason to be thankful.

Our Leadership & Elders

Pastor Jared Fast

Sam Reimer

James Froese

Al Thiessen

Ryan Froese

Sunday School


Our church is currently involved with The Gospel Project, an outreach program that syncs children, young adults, adults and seniors into the same lesson each Sunday.  This way children can discuss with their parents what they have learned, all at the same time.

Learn more about the project here.

Sunday School is postponed for the fall of 2020.

Other than that, Sunday School starts up every Sunday morning outside of the summer months at 9:45AM.  Enjoy a fresh pot of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, and the occasional pastries provided by our church's many good chefs!


Come at least five to ten minutes early so you are ready for class to begin.


There is a class for every single age group, speak to any member of the church to find out which class best suits you and your family.

Our Core Missionaries


Ron & Eunice Wiebe - Eastern Canada and Brazil

Henry & Jan Armstrong - Indonesia & Singapore

We also keep in our prayers as they are now retired:  

Wes & Barb Peters - Who spent many years in Germany in the service of bringing as many people to Jesus as possible.

Frank & Margaret Martens - Bringing the hope of Jesus to the people of Wisconsin through the work done in the community of Waukesha, and the school there.

The Grunthal Ministerial

Every third week in August, during the Hanover Agricultural Fair Days in Grunthal, the churches of Grunthal come together to put on a worship service that takes place outside at the Grunthal Fair Grounds.  

The churches of Grunthal organize a rotation for the service, praise & worship, offering, children's feature, and more.  Contact the leaders in your home church if you wish to participate in the future.

Support and Prayer for Israel


Established on May 14, 1948, the State of Israel became a nation in a single day.  No nation in the history of the world has ever been brought back from extinction, except Israel.  No culture in the history of the world has ever been scattered around the world, yet kept all of their traditions intact over the course of some 2000 years.


Since the end of World War II, and the holocaust, many Jewish people from all around the world have made that decision to move home to Israel.


The Revelation of Jesus Christ, the final book in the Holy Bible, make specific references about the future of Israel.  God's plan for His nation is that His people will one day find Jesus.


- Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
- Pray for the people of Israel to acknowledge their God.
- Pray for the government of Israel.
- Pray for the world to know God’s promise to Israel.

    (Ps. 105:5-11)
- Pray for the security of Israel.
- Pray for Israel’s enemies, that their eyes be opened, so as not to be cursed. (Zech. 12:1-4)

International Students


Thanks to some very hard working outreach by some of our members, Grunthal EMB has been host to many international students that have come to our church on a weekly basis for many years now.

The students are generally in Manitoba to study at Providence Bible College and find work here in the southeast.  We have been blessed to have them among our regular attendees for many years now.

Youth/College & Career


We have many young children, teens and young adults that are growing up so fast!  Weekly bulletins provide information on youth groups and college & career events, ages range from 12-35.

Women's Ministries


Our Church hosts a vibrant 18 plus Women's Ministries group which spends time in the Bible, reading about God's Word, planning special events, and hosting study sessions weekly.

Our Conference

Missions Spotlight

Adam & Heidi Friesen

CEF/Roseau River Bible Camp

August, 2020

Welcome to our end of summer newsletter! This is where we are going to keep you, our supporter, up to date with what God is doing through the ministry of Roseau River Bible Camp. 
    It is hard to believe that it was only 4 years ago that we sat here writing our very first newsletter. It was a time of firsts. First full time job. First time seeing the inside of the operations of camp on a year round basis. First year being married. 
     Now, 4 years later, we sit writing our last camp update but still facing many firsts. Every day Lilli seems to be giving us a new first. Adam will be entering his first time working a non-ministry job and, for the first time ever, we will not be going back to school or continuing in full time ministry. 
     As we reflect on the last 4 years we are forever grateful for the experiences we have had through it all. One big one has been the opportunity to see God provide in amazing ways, both in our own support raising journey as well as those of our co-workers and the camp as a whole. 
     Another big thing we will be taking away from our experience at camp is a deeper understanding of full time missions work and the needs of those doing it full time. It is a hard job with so many different angles than we ever could have imagined without experiencing it first hand and hope to be able to use these experiences to better support those still in the work. 
Summer Update
     Well this summer has been different than any other in camp history. Never in our lives did we think that a summer with only 339 campers (half of a normal summer) coming to day camps (not overnight) be considered a huge success! But when just 4 months ago we thought virtual camp might be our only option this summer we feel incredibly blessed to have been able to provide an in person opportunity for these kids to get out of the house, have good, outdoor camp fun and learn about the Good News!
     At the beginning of July we got to run our CLP program. For one week we had the opportunity to teach 23 excited young people about camp ministry and the Bible. They were an amazing group of youth who will be a huge asset to the camp in the years to come. 
The Future
     Beginning Monday Adam will be framing with a crew from Grunthal. We very much look forward to seeing what the future will hold and are excited to continue to minister in our everyday lives. 

Barry & Ruth Rempel

Send International

August,  2020

“While it looks like things are out of control, behind the scenes there is a God who has not surrendered His authority.” (A.W. Tozer)
How thankful we are for the truth of that statement! And the fact that Kingdom work is moving forward around the world. We would like to share some examples of the opportunities God has given us. Looking back—some highlights from the past few months of ministry: Just before the brunt of the virus impact landed upon us, Ruth was able to bless a sister mission by helping with childcare during a training week. Then as the global crisis deepened, Barry became more involved with SEND leadership in helping to guide the organization through this pandemic. All of our workers were given the opportunity to return to their passport (home) countries prior to border closings and air transportation restrictions. With few exceptions all decided to remain and endure the subsequent quarantine and lockdown. We personally are encouraged that people wanted to stay in their ministry areas, and that efforts to take the Gospel to the unreached are still going forward. In April, Barry had his largest group ever involved in an online series of ministry training classes in Chile. In July he had the opportunity to lead a group of young missionaries in Japan through a leadership development workshop. Looking ahead—doors of opportunity that we see God opening before us in the coming months: Barry will be leading online missions courses with groups in the Philippines and Ecuador. The annual SEND Directors gathering will also occur online (for the first time?) in a weeklong series of strategic discussions. Would you join us in praying that God would give us discernment, boldness and vision for these and other ministry opportunities? 

By God’s grace, Barry & Ruth SEND International—Director of Global Collaboration
 “… and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.” Rev. 7:9

Adam & Heidi Friesen

CEF/Roseau River Bible Camp

July, 2020

Camp Update
Well day camps have been running for a month already! And what a blessing that has been! While our numbers over the whole summer will obviously be down, we have had the opportunity to minister to 67 campers already, a month before camp would normally even start!

This week we are having our staff training and then on Thursday we start a PeeWee day camp. PeeWee is the youngest age group and is our first camp of the "regular" summer. 

Our Cabin Leader Prep program which Adam is in charge of is also running in a day camp format next week so it will be a busy but very enjoyable week for us as it will be the most involved we will be with a camp all summer.

Personal Update
It is with mixed feelings that we are writing this message to inform you that we will be stepping down from full time ministry with Roseau River Bible Camp at the end of the summer. We cannot thank you enough for the support that you have given over these past four years, whether financial or prayer or both. We have felt nothing but blessed by our team of supporters who have made these years possible. We are eternally grateful for the experiences and skills we have gained from this time in ministry.

If you have been giving through a pre-authorized debit, please know that your last gift will be taken from your account in August. That being said, just because we are leaving does not mean that the ministry at Roseau River stops. If you would like to continue giving to the ministry you can gladly contact me about continuing that support for either the camp in general or another one of our wonderful missionaries. 

We thank you again for your involvement in this last chapter of our lives and we look forward to seeing where God takes us for the next.

Josh & Josie Dyck


May, 2020

JANUARY: Josh worked closely with our national flight program team in one of our island locations to establish their operating budget for 2020.  Praise, they are getting a new pilot!

FEBRUARY: Josie’s parents were in a car accident close to their home in FL.  They were both pretty banged up, so Josie jumped on a flight to Orlando the next day and spent a week with them helping them to navigate medical and practical needs and get back on their feet.  Praise, since then they have made a good recovery in general, though her mom's broken ribs and leg injury (hematoma) will take more time (keep praying!).

MARCH:  We spoke to our church’s pre-marriage class on the topic of communication and conflict resolution.  Josie guest taught a class on job-hunting skills to seniors at Heritage Christian Schools.  As a family we drove to FL for Spring Break to see Josie’s parents.  The kids got to experience FL and swim in the Atlantic for the first time!  Check...another state off the list! (Important to Missionary Kids!)  Spencer came back home with us to finish his semester online rather than returning to College of the Ozarks in Missouri.  Josie finished her course work for her degree.

APRIL:  We primarily operated from home under Wisconsin's "Safer At Home" ordinance.  Josie spent her days working at her "essential" job as an Interim Registrar at Heritage Christian Schools (unexpected plot twist - when she agreed to help out for a short time, we had no idea that things would change so drastically between her "yes" and her start date).

Prayer & Praise:

Praise!  For the Lord’s care and provision during the pandemic and that we can continue working and doing school from home!

Praise!  Josie completed her Biblical counseling degree and received her diploma in the mail last week!  We are so proud of her!  Pray as she considers how the Lord would have her use her education.  There are opportunities available to her within Ethnos360, as well as in other spheres of influence. She will continue her education as she is always reading - we're asking the Lord if she should begin work towards her Masters degree.

Praise!  Mitchell (17) graduates in June and will join Spencer at College of the Ozarks in fall.  We are very proud of him too! :-)

Praise!  In the last update we mentioned Josh’s need for a new laptop.  He got a great deal on an off-lease unit and we received a gift to cover it!
Pray for wisdom for Josh to research and choose a new accounting system for Indonesia.  It has the potential to be a solution for other ministry fields/countries as well.

Thank you so much for your care and support for us and our ministry since 2006.  October marks 15 years since we joined NTM (now Ethnos360) and we could never have imagined all of the ways God has used you to encourage and uphold us.  We could not continue to serve the team of church planters in Asia-Pacific without you.  Please let us know how we can pray for you!

Thank you!
Josh & Josie

Barry & Ruth Rempel

South Carolina

May 7, 2020


Depending on your location, things are opening up, still locked down or somewhere in between.  We trust you are encouraged in whatever circumstance you are in. 


Here is an important prayer item for your attention AND some photos of a surprise visitor to our house.


For prayer:  Next week Barry will start his first online missions course with a group of ministry leaders in Santiago, Chile. 


Frankly, the format doesn't feel comfortable with Barry's relational style of teaching so we're asking you to join us in prayer for the classes (4 weeks, 2X p/week) that God would use this course to further lead people to engage in global outreach.

And the surprise visitor?  One day Barry looked up from his desk and saw this unwelcome guest (attached photos) slithering out from behind the bookcase.  What in the world?!! 


The battle was epic, but finally the 'guest' was removed from the house.

We're so grateful for your prayer, interest, and encouragement.  


Your partners in the Gospel,

Barry & Ruth

Don & Carol Pickel


April 28, 2020



April 28, 2020

Dear Friends and Supporters:

We are trusting that you, too, have escaped this pandemic (at least the sickness) although we all “suffer” the inconveniences.

To lessen the inconveniences, we have had the privilege of hosting our son and family from Tanzania for the past three weeks.  That has made this time of social distancing very enjoyable for us as they came home at the beginning of the “restrictions” imposed upon us for our own protection; went into isolation for 14 days in a neighboring town; then came directly to us. 


What a joy to have family with three children (Carson - 14,Avery - 11, and Eden -7) around!  

Included in this email are two links for you to view.   First, an update for you on us and an exhortation from the Word to encourage you.   


Secondly, also there is a three minute new video on Assist Canada.  


Thirdly, there is a remittance slip attached to assist the Cuba ministry.   For Canadians, please indicate clearly that this is for the Cuba ministry.  


For Americans, please send your donation to Avant Ministries in Kansas City and earmark it for the ministry of Don and Carol Pickel – It will be transferred to the Cuba ministry once it is sent through to the Avant office in Winnipeg, MB.  


I know this sounds convoluted but it is the only way we can do this legally.   

May our Lord bless you and keep you very safe during this time.   All for now.

Don and Carol



North Africa

Middle East

April 19, 2020

People across the Middle East and North Africa are desperately seeking hope during this time of global lockdown, and together, we are that source of light and encouragement. As the coronavirus spreads and churches are closed, viewers across the region are responding to SAT-7’s spiritual comfort, mental health support, and practical health ad-


In Iran, the regional epicenter of the crisis, viewers say SAT-7 PARS

programs are helping them lean on their faith to find hope amidst despair. When church leader Rev. Keyvan Seerous prayed fervently on Signal, a live program that is receiving seven times more viewer responses than usual, many shared that his words had a profound effect. Lale* says:


These days we need prayer so we can be strengthened. Really, what

would we do if we didn’t have Jesus Christ? We see others who feel so

much pain, fear, anxiety, and anger. Truly, we can see what God meant



He said whoever puts the blood of the Lamb on the door of his

house will be safe. My husband is a street vendor and is currently without work, and we do not even have any loose change. But we are living

in faith and we have never been left in need. We are praying for everyone else.


More viewers are tuning in to watch SAT

-7 TÜRK than ever before since it began satellite broadcasts in 2015. They are saying that the channel is a rare source of joy as Turkey grapples to contain the region’s second highest infection rate. Viewers find much needed support from the team at SAT-7 TÜRK, and the channel’s live programs, including Turning Point and Worldview, address how Christians can respond to the crisis.

SAT-7 is uniquely placed to provide our audience with the spiritual support they need. As our viewers have shown us, when people have hope, they find the strength to carry on. When they can find meaning in a crisis, its impact on their mental and physical health is lessened.


We are committed to continuing our broadcasts as they take on this vi-

tal role: helping viewers navigate unprecedented times in which their

other lines of support have been cut,

shared Rita El-Mounayer, SAT-7 CEO, in a recent video encouraging viewers.

On SAT-7 KIDS, the channel’s Facebook audience has increased by more than 500 percent as beloved presenters have calmed children’s fears with special video messages.


A single video of Family of Jesus presenter Mina Awny, in which he shares spiritual encouragement as well as hygiene advice, reached more than 425,000 people in a matter of days and was shared 2,700 times. MISSIONS

Meanwhile, SAT-7 ARABIC is bringing Christian leaders together across

denominations and national borders to encourage believers and witness to others.


On special live shows and in a series of clips entitled “Messages of Hope,”

church leaders from Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Algeria, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates speak on experiencing God’s love, overcoming fear, and safely helping others during the pandemic.

And on social media, a discussion with well-known church leader and

psychiatrist Dr. Maher Samuel entitled

“God, Fear, and the Coronavirus”

was watched by 160,000 people.



In the Middle East and North Africa, the coronavirus pandemic is hitting a region already dealing with great challenges where many countries are less equipped to support their citizens.


As always, SAT-7’s response is a holistic one, addressing viewers’ needs

from many angles.


The social development and education brand SAT-7 ACADEMY is offering crucial health advice in “public service announcement” clips, and the parenting program The Coach has featured advice

from a preventative medicine specialist. The live education advice program Follow Up is focusing on children’s mental health and serves as a lifeline for children who are now without school. The educational pro-gram My School is going live on Facebook from the presenter’s home.

In Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, and Cyprus, where most SAT-7 programs are

made, local teams are committed to continuing live broadcasts while

following all government guidelines. Filming of prerecorded program-

ming is on hold and office staffs are working from home.


Live shows are being made in studios with the smallest teams possible to protect the health of staff.

*Name changed for security.

Henry & Janet Armstrong

April 5, 2020

World Team / SIM


Please pray APRIL will continue to search for and find the Way, the Truth, the Life; and that her family will cooperate in getting her papers straightened out.


She still has issues with weakness and ill health. Pray for her to be able to get help in her town. FUTURE PLANS Right now we have no plans in place, other than doing what most others are doing—practicing physical distancing and self-isolation. We mostly work from home and try to keep up on communication with workers on the field. ZOOM and WhatsApp!


PRAISE Praise the Lord for PHONES, INTERNET, WiFi, WhatsApp etc. We can still keep communication lines open with workers and our family. Praise the Lord for His GPS (Grace, Peace, Strength).


Praise the Lord for the family of God all around the world who are praying and trusting Him in all of this present challenge. PRAY Pray much for Christians in Kalimantan. They are starting to face opposition from others to return to Animistic ways to keep “evils of the virus” out of the villages.


Pray for unity of believers to stand firm in their faith and trust in God, and salvation through the blood of Christ. Pray for the essential services workers around the world, that they will experience God’s strength, protection and wisdom in all.


Pray for the requests highlighted in the rest of the letter

Frank & Margaret Martens

April 5, 2020



We would appreciate ongoing prayer for Margaret’s leg injured in the car crash. It will take many months to heal and in the meantime she has ongoing inflammation and swelling in the leg and foot. Our plan is to fly to Alaska on May 12.


Please pray for safety in travel. We will be living in a camper on our daughter Rachel’s yard. Frank has some part time work opportunities and Margaret may also have depending on the leg situation. Please also pray for ongoing financial provision.


We pray regularly for you the church. Thank-you

Barry & Ruth


SEND International

March 22, 2020

They are hoping to visit our church Sunday, April 12.


Excerpt from Rempel Report-Feb 2020: 


“Hope has a name, His name is Jesus.” Those are lyrics we recently sang in church. Matthew 12 states that the name of Jesus is “the hope of all the world.”


Our desire is to share the Good News with the nations by training and sending as many people as we can. We would like to tell you about two significant opportunities to do just that.


Through Barry’s role as Director of Global Collaboration, teaching is an open door to impact the lives of future pastors and church planters in each of these countries, students who are trained and motivated for outreach to unreached people groups.


Along the way we encourage, challenge, counsel and pray with those that attend the class.





Last October our trip was canceled due to political unrest. We prayed for safety and wisdom in rescheduling, and God blessed us with a fantastic week in December!


Barry taught the course, an intro to church planting, in Spanish, and it is the second time we have worked with this group of ten students. All of them are already involved in full time Christian ministry as pastors, youth workers, and pioneer church planters, and our goal is to see this group become the launching point for global ministry.


Would you join us in praying for perseverance, boldness, and continued clarity of vision for Samuel and his wife Paola (program leaders) along with each of the participants?


For full newsletter email Liette

Henry & Janet Armstrong

March 8, 2020

World Team / SIM


Members of Grunthal EMB (we are their sending Church)

Henry and Janet have been missionaries for the past 36+ years. Having been sent from our church, they are serving in Singapore and Indonesia, and travel throughout those areas.

They have three adult children, Joel (married to Pantha), Andrea, and Joey (married to Byron Wiebe and their daughter Wren).

Henry and Janet have an additional ministry called the AHAVA HOUSE in Batam. See some excerpts below of their latest email:

“We all have a story. April has a story, and I would like to briefly tell it to you.
She left for Malaysia, to work as a maid. Her wee son was left in the care of his grandparents. That was 8 years ago.


She has not been back home; she has not seen her son since he was 3 months old. She faithfully sent her salary home to her parents, and they promised to buy land and build a house. They did not do so, and she is angry. Her money is gone.

About 6 months ago she started to get sick. She lost weight, was in a lot of pain. But since she wasn’t legally supposed to be in Malaysia anymore, she could not go to see a doctor.


By the time some officials kindly sent her back to Indonesia, to the island of Batam, she was in bad shape and could not walk.”

Hear more about April’s story and how AHAVA House is helping to share the good news of Christ and serve and love the maids working in Indonesia. Full email is posted on Missions Board.

Ron & Eunice Wiebe

March 1, 2020

Child Evangelism Fellowship

New Brunswick

Members of Grunthal EMB (we are their sending Church)

Currently serving in Atlantic Canada.
Previously in Brazil.

They have three adult children and their families. Kendra (married to Max Galaguz and their daughter Micaiah, and son Jacob) Jonathan (married to Lyn and their daughter Gatlin), and Ethan (married to Christina and their daughter Pepper and son Oz)
Gatlin Makena Wiebe born February 23 at 3:15am. She is 6lbs 7oz, 20.5 inches.


Mother and daughter are both doing well.

Frank & Margaret Martens

February 23, 2020

Ethnos 360 (formerly NTM)


Frank & Margaret retired from New Tribes in 2016, after many years of serving in Waukesha, Wisconsin. They brought the joy and hope of Christ with them whether encouraging other missionaries, fixing engines, (several times in Papua, New Guinea), driving buses, hosting guests, working in the kitchen and office on cam-pus, leading Bible studies and mentoring students, etc.


They both grew up in this area and have large families. They have five children: son Franz (wife Kristie and family-serving in Germany), Josie (Husband Josh Dyck and family -also missionaries at Ethnos360), Rachel (husband Ryan Cote and family-Alaska), daughter Kara (husband Nate Lane and family) and daughter Tamara (husband Brian Vetter and their family-missionaries in training).


Having recently retired, Frank & Margaret moved to Florida this past year to live in an affordable retirement community for New Tribes Missionaries. They were involved in a car accident on Saturday, February 8, 2020. The information we have is that the car is a write-off and that they need help in replacing the vehicle.


If the Lord lays this need on your heart, we are asking for donations designated to Martens Car Fund for today and closing on Sunday February 23rd. As they have no other vehicle, we would like to be able to help them purchase one in a timely manner.


The funds will be forwarded to Ethnos 360 where Frank & Margaret have an account to receive funds in their retirement.


Alternately, if at any time you would like to continue to support them in any amount, receipt-able donations to their account can be made directly at the eth-nos360 website (search Frank and Margaret Martens) or by mail.

Barry & Ruth Rempel

February 16, 2020

- The volcano situation could stabilize or get worse, it's a waiting game. Pray for those in the area most affected.


- The class could be able to continue meeting, for effectiveness in Barry's teaching and that the students would be able to apply the material in their present and future ministries. (One student will be returning to his home in Nepal in June, and has asked Barry for further coaching and guidance as he launches into ministry there.)


- That we would stay healthy and be an encouragement to those we meet for the sake of God's Kingdom

Jim & Olya Wiens

February 9, 2020

- Pray for Jim as he teaches a class on missiology during the month of Feb.

- Something new for Jim…he is to officiate at a wedding. A couple from Ghana are getting married in Russia…this is bring new challenges.

-Koinonia continues to meet with two other churches to pray and plan for how to plan a new Russian church close to their location.

- Summer church camps are facing new obstacles. A law has been passed that requires health and safety permits that are very difficult to obtain. Pray that the Lord will continue to keep this avenue of ministry open.

Henry & Janet


Singapore City-State

Southeast Asia

January 26, 2020

You may remember in the last QUOTA that we planned to go to Jakarta in mid- December.


That did not materialize, but … this QUOTA is being sent to you from Jakarta. We will be here just a few days, basically to visit some church leaders of an Indonesian lady being sent out with SIM and to encourage her as she ventures out.


We are blessed to have faithful, forgiving friends like you. Thank you for praying for us. And for those who are part of our financial support team, thank you for the gifts you have given to the Lord’s work.

The PPIK denomination we work with has 157 churches, but almost all of them are struggling due to (among other things) other church denominations trying to woo their members away.


Some encouraging things also, as we saw evidence of unity and a desire to serve one another.


Just a few days after getting back from Kalimantan, we were off to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for a day of training, a few days of SIM Regional Council Meetings, and speaking at an Indonesian Church.


Europe, Northern Africa, and the Middle East.

January 5,  2020

Pray for imprisoned, threatened, beleaguered, or grieving believers to know “God is (their) refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble”,
Psalm 46:1.


Celebrate twelve years of influential TV ministry for the children of the Middle East and North Africa.

In spite of wars, persecution, illiteracy, corruption, and poverty, praise God for the many MENA Christians remaining faithful to the Lord.


Ask the Holy Spirit to empower this program to teach core principles of Christian faith to seekers
and new believers.

Bruce & Elayne Peters


December 29,  2019

- Pray for the pastors in India that they will be like Joshua, men of faith

- The Peters’ support needs are growing as they are spending more time in India while they still can.

- The Peters just spent 3.5 weeks in Myanmar doing seminars, church services, evening services and teaching.

- A new newsletter with many pictures is posted on the bulletin board.

Don & Carol Pickel


December 1,  2019

- Pray for good weather so the team can return safely from Cuba tomorrow.

- Don will be accompanying the January 8 – 15th team led by Werner Peters as they go to Cuba.


Europe, Africa, and the Middle East

November 24,  2019

- Pray for the Christians in the MENA region as the face obstacles in family, schools, and jobs because of their faith

- Give thanks to God that SAT-7’s programs are encouraging isolated Christians by letting them know the are a part of a worldwide family of Christ.

- Ask God to direct plans for special December programs, for Christmas is a time when many adults and children are especially open to the Gospel.

- Praise God for using the dedicated, skilled staff members at SAT-7 to expand His kingdom throughout the Middle East and North Africa.


Europe, Africa, and the Middle East

November 17,  2019

- Pray that God will use SAT -7 women’s programs to show women their value in God’s sight

- The program With Smyrna is educating parents and caregivers about strategies to support children who have experienced trauma. Pray this program leads to healing and healthy relationships.

- Window of Light is a Dari dialect program with the aim of strengthening marriages and family life in Afghanistan.   Pray for its effectiveness.

- Give thanks for the technology to carry SAT-7’s programs live to phones and computers, where viewers may watch with privacy.

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