Standing Firm Conference

Standing Firm Conference is the result of a desire to teach and share biblical truth in an age that it is increasingly hard to come by. The desire is to challenge the hearts of faithful men and women to stand firm against the pressures of compromise. We are growing closer and closer to the return of the Lord and with that an epidemic of biblical illiteracy and desire has plagued the church. The scriptures are under attack, the family is under attack, the church is under attack, Christ is under attack, may we gird ourselves in the truth and prepare for battle. We who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior have the privilege and responsibility to stand firm, in fact it is to be one of our defining features. Join us this June as we dig into a time of teaching and fellowship, and as we seek to strengthen our resolve to stand firm! 

God bless, 
Pastor Jared Fast



Conference sessions
•    Standing firm on the word.
•    Standing firm on the gospel.
•    Standing firm on sexuality.
•    Standing firm on your thoughts.
•    Standing firm on the church.
•    Standing firm Q and A.


Registration Information

Come out and join the fellowship, food and sessions. There is no fee required. We ask that you register by June 1, 2022. 

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