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Standing Firm Conference

The Things Which Are Fitting For Sound Doctrine

This April will be our second Standing Firm Conference, and we are eagerly anticipating the opportunities and blessings that the Lord has in store. This year the theme is The Things Which Are Fitting For Sound Doctrine. We will be focusing on a number of the major foundational doctrines of the Church and looking at how they are to be rightly handled and understood in our lives and in the church today. The world is increasingly becoming hostile to true Christianity, and the pulpit in so many places has unfortunately become a place for weak-knee pastors who fall to compromise and pragmatism.  We need a genuine revival of the church, a church that will stand for truth and will risk offense and suffering for the sake of the gospel. We need men and women who have a fear of God greater than their fear of man. We have a mission as the church to be a pillar and a buttress for the truth, will you stand with me?

God Bless, 
Pastor Jared Fast


Conference Sessions

  • The Things Which Are Fitting for Sound Doctrine

  • The Reality of Sin

  • The Triune God

  • What's Wrong with Grace?

  • The Pressure For the Church to Conform

  • Q and A

  • Preparing For the End

  • The Importance of Prayer and the Word of God

Breakout Sessions

  • The Supremacy of Christ

  • Church History: John Calvin

  • The Charismatic Pull 

Registration Information

Registration for the meals is now closed but please join us for the sessions. There is no cost for that!


Childcare to be provided during the evening sessions only. 


Friday, April 21

9:00 am       Registration

10:00 am     Main Session #1 (1 hr) - The Things Which are Fitting for                          Sound Doctrine (Pastor Jared Fast)

11:30 am     Break out Session (45 min.) - The Supremacy of Christ                              (Walter Abrams)

12:30 pm     Lunch

1:45 pm       Break out Session (45 min.) - Church History – John Calvin                         (Pastor Caleb Symons)

2:45 pm       Main Session #2 (1 hr)  - The Doctrine of Sin (Pastor Jim Fast)

4:15 pm       Main Session #3 (1 hr) - The Triune God (Pastor Jeff Penner)

5:30 pm       Supper

7:00 pm       Main Session #4 (1.5 hr) - What’s Wrong with Grace?

                  (Pastor Jared Fast)

Saturday, April 22

8:00 am       Prayer Time

10:00 am     Main Session #5 (1 hr) - The Pressure to Conform to the                             World (Pastor Caleb Symons)

11:30 am     Break out Session (45 min) - The Charismatic Influence                             (Ryan Froese)

12:30 pm     Lunch

2:00 pm       Main Session #6 (1.5 hrs) - Q and A – Various Speakers

4:00 pm       Main Session #7 (1 hr) - Preparing for the End                                        (Pastor Jim Fast)

6:00 pm       Supper

7:30 pm       Main Session #8 (1.5 hr) - Prayer and the Word

                  (Pastor Jeff Penner)

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